Wizard World Chicago 2018

Another August, another Wizard World Chicago! This year’s con seemed lower in traffic & had a somewhat smaller footprint on the floorplan at the Rosemont Convention Center, but it was still a total blast! I wore more (and different!) cosplays than ever before: Thursday, I was Hermione Granger to Little Dove Cosplay’s Ginny Weasley; Saturday I donned my Kaylee coveralls; Sunday I wore Ensign Ro Laren with a silicone facial prosthetic I made myself! Plus, Thursday I presented a never before seen panel “How to Marathon Movies and TV,” Saturday I presented “Firefly Season 2” and Sunday I presented “Getting Started with Etsy”

Saturday, along with Aiyanna Wade and Heather Reusz, I cosplayed Zoya the Destroya (from Netflix’s GLOW)

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