Where did you get ___ that you wear/carry?


AKF’s original coveralls were found at a thrift store. She have since retired them in favor of the ones that debuted at NYCC 13


AKF’s screen accurate coveralls came from HERE originally, she bought them in person and they store no longer stocks them. The coveralls were heavily modified to fit/be screen accurate. You can buy the patches in her etsy. My parasol was purchased from the Firefly Cargo Bay.

AKF made this screen accurate pink shirt, and all of the rest of her shirts are found at thrift stores. These can be purchased from her Etsy.

11872321_481179875383270_7591411716903724143_oHer brown coveralls were modified and hand dyed from a pair of military surplus coveralls. The patches were hand embroidered, you can get a professional version of the Bunny patch here.

10696413_354080181426574_2495630924797745991_nThe grey ‘Jaynestown’ coveralls are from Forever 21.

Grease FaceThe grease she uses for my face is Ben Nye Clean Grease.

Will you be at X convention? What conventions are you going to?
Have you met any of the cast members of Firefly?

AKF has professional photo ops with everyone except Ron Glass.

These photos can also be seen on the gallery page.