Whedonopolis’s 2015 Halloween Event

2021 Update: Given recent allegations against Joss Whedon, Ask Kaylee Frye no longer supports him. This blog post was written prior to allegations going public. Ask Kaylee Frye believes & supports all survivors.

On October 18th, 2015, fans of Joss Whedon’s work gathered together in Los Angeles to see the man himself speak a bit before joining together (and singing along) to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog.12120023_554560068029531_595936910563645241_o I was one of those lucky enough to be in attendance. Tickets originally went on sale September 13th, and were sold out by that evening. If you recall, that was the same weekend as Long Beach Comic Con, and so I missed out on picking some up then. Then, the day before the event, some extra tickets went on sale and I was sure to grab them as fast as possible! I chose to wear my most screen accurate cosplay, including the pink shirt I made with custom printed fabric!

12109949_504925226342068_7372415465684204266_oThe event began outdoors, with vendors offering various Whedon-verse merch, and everyone having an overall good time.

Once we checked in, we were got fancy swag bags that had loads of cool things that would let us interact with the movie! They included Captain Hammer’s hair and dry cleaning receipt (4 sweater vests), your very own bad horse puppet, bubbles for doing laundry, lacy gently wafting curtains, a penny, and a little confetti popper for when the Death Ray explodes.

My favorite thing, however, was the glowstick, which we were all instructed to use during the song ‘Everyone’s a Hero’

After that, there was a costume contest, and [spoiler alert] I won! It was judged by Shawna Trpcic, the woman who costumed designed Firefly, Dr. Horrible and many other shows!


My prize was the awesome SDCC exclusive Buffy funko pop!

It was an amazing time, and I am so thankful that I got a chance to experience it with other fans all around me. To be in a room where everyone is singing this hilarious musical was incredible, and I hope to get the chance to do it again someday!

Comikaze 2015

This past weekend was my very first Comikaze in Los Angeles, California. Comikaze started in 2010 and has been getting ever bigger since. I got the opportunity to attend through the company Emet Comics, for whom I run social media. The convention ran Friday, October 30th to Sunday November 1st.

Friday, we arrived early to set up. Because it is finally getting chillier in LA, I decided to wear a shirt that I hadn’t yet worn at a convention! Once the con floor opened, I walked around a little bit. The main hall (“West Hall”) was a bit smaller than one of the show floors at Chicago Comic Con. There was a museum of Stan Lee in the back of the hall, lots of vendors and a really unique artists alley. Since it was Halloween weekend, a lot of people had fantastic spooky stuff they were selling. Loot Crate was also there, with QMX’s gorgeous Serenity model. I couldn’t help but take a few pictures later on Sunday.


Saturday, I headed over to the South Hall (which I didn’t know about at all) to see Summer Glau’s panel. This panel (and all the special guest panels at Comikaze) was held at the Hot Topic Main Stage. Unlike any other convention I have ever been to, this stage was actually in an exhibitor’s hall, which also housed cosplayers who had tables (#goals), fan tables, and the wonderful Gudetama booth.

Since the stage is not in it’s own room, there is actually no seating (except those reserved for folks with disabilities on either side of the stage). Since many of the panels were shorter than those at other conventions (ranging usually 15-30 minutes), it wasn’t difficult for me to stand the whole time. Plus you never had to worry about getting a seat. However, I wasn’t a fan of all the press photographers at the front, who blocked the actual conventioners trying to watch the panels.


Summer’s panel was wonderful, and she talked a lot about how dancing has influenced how she performs as her characters. She also spoke about how everything in Serenity was choreographed for her, so she could do as much of it as possible… and experience very different from LARPing in Knights of Badassdom.

Sunday I spent more time walking around, got a poster signed by Tommy Wiseau, and spent a bit more time in the South Hall.


Overall, it was a really great convention! Besides the weird structure of panels, and the way the main stage was set up, it felt very much like a smaller Wizard World Con.