LootCrate Cargo Crate Interview

Featured in interviews with Ovation TV

Listen to interviews here (she starts at around 47:00) and here ( starts around 44:30)


Featured at the TOP of Reddit (September 18, 2014)


“Of all the people in costume at [Philly Comic Con 2013], one cosplayer took the craft to a whole new level. [Ask Kaylee Frye] came to us from the Midwest via Boston, and I am so glad she decided to come to Philadelphia and hang with the Browncoats for the weekend. If you haven’t already seen [AKF] online, or if you saw the pictures we tweeted of her from Wizard World and were wondering who she is, you need to go to her “Ask Kaylee Frye” pages on Facebook and Tumblr. Never in my life have I seen a better imitation of Kaylee. Of course, it helps that [AKF] bears an uncanny resemblance to Jewel Staite, but her costumes were also some of the most accurate I’ve ever seen. She even came by one day dressed in Kaylee’s “layer cake” dress from the Firefly episode “Shindig!” Wherever [AKF] went, dozens of people wanted to photograph her or have their photo taken with her. This worked out well for us during those times when she hung around our table, because people who approached [AKF] often took an interest in what we were doing. I have no doubt in my mind that she brought us a fair number of petition signatures, not that I was only happy to see her because she attracted people to our table like moths to a flame. [AKF]’s personality matches Kaylee’s even more closely than her physical appearance matches Jewel Staite’s. She was always happy and bubbling over with a positive energy that was downright infectious. She was, without a doubt, one of my favorite people from among those I met that weekend, and her recent victory in the Wizard World New York City costume contest was no doubt well deserved.”

-Take Back the Sky