Sponsorships & Advertising

Sponsor Ask Kaylee Frye at a Convention

Want to sponsor Ask Kaylee Frye at an event that you are not hosting? Get in touch to discuss brand and product promotion at conventions and events.

This may look like:

  • Brand and product promotion live at an event
  • Brand and product promotion via social media (prior to and during events)
  • Promotion via a special event sale code for your company
  • Live unboxings of your product
  • Event coverage and reviews
  • And more – just ask!
Ask Kaylee Frye promotes Toy Vault, Entertainment Earth and QMx during her Firefly panel at RICC

As the face for your company live at an event, she may require financial assistance with transportation, lodging, and incidentals related to the event. Rates can be discussed via email at askkayleefrye@gmail.com with the subject “Convention Partnership.”

Sponsor a Giveaway

Running a giveaway with Ask Kaylee Frye drives traffic to your website by reaching AKF’s vast fanbase through social media. Using her knowledge of product promotion, Ask Kaylee Frye utilizes fans’ entries for the giveaway to increase brand awareness and boost your social media presence.

Products will be promoted on Ask Kaylee Frye’s website and social media. In addition, she will set up and host the giveaway. Sample entries include: follow AKF social media, follow brand pages, repost AKF and tag brand page, visit your website, visit AKF website, and more!

Ask Kaylee Frye can also provide honest reviews of products for her fans, linking to your website as an affiliate.

Send your queries to askkayleefrye@gmail.com with the subject “Giveaway Partnership.”

Advertise on AKF

There are three ways to advertise with Ask Kaylee Frye, depending on your needs and budget.

  1. Advertise on AskKayleeFrye.com through banners on the home page and merchandise pages, embedded affiliate links in product reviews, and more. This site has more than 9,000 hits per month, making it a great place to reach fans!
  2. Advertise on Ask Kaylee Frye’s social media through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr. Her Facebook page has over 5,700 likes and her most recent monthly reach was 10,000 unique visitors with high engagement. This, combined with her other accounts, means a interested parties will see your product through Ask Kaylee Frye.
  3. screenshot-2016-10-15-at-11-28-10-pmVideo promotion on YouTube, cross-promoted across other social platforms. This works especially well for product and event reviews.

Send queries to askkayleefrye@gmail.com with the subject “Advertising Inquiry.”