Big Damn Merch Sale

I’ve been collecting Firefly merch ever since I started cosplaying Kaylee in 2012, and suffice to say, I have quite the bounty. I also amassed quite the collection during the QMx Cargo Crate runs! But sadly, my current place doesn’t have space to display everything, and I don’t foresee that changing. I really want these items to go to collectors who will treasure them the way I used to, and show them off in the way they deserve! 

Firefly full art collection

I currently have most items bundled & give a discount for bundling. I am willing to break up bundles, or give some discounts on multiple bundles (make me an offer!). Plus, if you order enough, I’ll even ship it in one of the original Cargo Crate boxes I saved!

Photos of all items are next to descriptions, estimated retail and my asking prices below. Prices do NOT include shipping. If you’re interested in (an) item(s), send an email to AskKayleeFrye @ with ‘Big Damn Merch Sale – ITEM NAME’ in the subject line. I am accepting offers!

If a picture is still up, the item is still for sale. I accept Venmo, CashApp, and Paypal.

 Handmade Bundle HANDMADE BUNDLE includes

“Shiny” leather wrist strap (missing some snaps)

Metal etched Serenity

Asking price: $15
Coin Collection Bundle COIN COLLECTION BUNDLE includes

Can’t Stop The Serenity 2015 collectors coin

Jayne Cobb collectors coin

Keep Flying Challenge Coin

Asking price $20

Estimated value: $30

  PRAYER CANDLE BUNDLE Asking price: $20

Estimated retail: $40+

QBits collection QBITS BUNDLE includes

Jayne Cobb


Mal in jacket

Shepherd Book


Mal in Space Suit

Inara Serra

Kaylee in pink dress

Asking price: $80

Estimated retail: 

$6-$20 each

 Funko Pop Collection FUNKO POP BUNDLE includes

Mal Reynolds Funko Pop

Kaylee Frye Funko Pop

Kaylee Frye Funko Pop Prototype

Kaylee Frye Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop

Asking price: $250

Estimated retail:

Mal – $26 via Pop Price Guide

Kaylee – $27 via Pop Price Guide

Kaylee Prototype – OOAK, priceless

Kaylee Hot Topic – $24 via Pop Price Guide

 Inevitable Betrayal Playet (open) Inevitable Betrayal Playset INEVITABLE BETRAYAL PLAYSET Asking price: $10

Estimated retail: $15

 QCraft Bundle QCRAFT BUNDLE includes

Alliance Star Cruiser – built (will be semi deconstructed to ship)

Serenity – unopened 

Asking price: $10

Estimated retail: $25

Madrassa Padded Journal closedMadrassa Padded Journal (open)  


Asking price: $10

Estimated retail: $13




Asking price: $15

Estimated retail: $20

Firefly Loot Crate Journal illustration by Thom Zahler) Firefly Loot Crate Journal FIREFLY JOURNAL WITH ORIGINAL ART BY THOM ZAHLER  Asking price: $150

Estimated retail: $80 before art 

 Jayne Cobb Wanted set JAYNE ART BUNDLE includes

Loot Crate Wanted Posted

Blue Sun Patch

Asking price: $8
Independents Bundle INDEPENDENTS BUNDLE includes

Zoe Alleyne Certificate of Valor

Browncoat/Serenity coaster

4 independent Flag stickers

Independent Wartime postcard 

Asking price: $20
Game & Flashcard Bundle GAME BUNDLE includes

Interplanetary Flash Cards (x8)

Con Man (The Game) Door Hang

Firefly Fluxx Upgrade Pack 

Asking price: $15

Estimated retail: $25

Shirts bundle

SHIRT BUNDLE includes 

all shirts are new unless otherwise noted; are size M except ‘everything’s shiny captain’; and are listed individually with estimated retail prices 

The Many Faces Of Wash – $20

Real Crooks Wear a Suit & Tie – $8

Stand Firm – $9

Let’s Moon ‘Em (worn) – $9

Lassiter Pistol – $8 

Big Damn Heroes – $20 via Entertainment Earth (available only in XL and XXL)

Blue Sun Sleeveless Jayne Cobb Replica Shirt – $10

Dead Fish Jayne Cobb Replica Shirt – $18

Enjoy Jayne Cobb Replica Shirt – $11

Octopus Glow In The Dark – $26

Inara My Serenity Shirt (worn) – ?

Everything’s Shiny Captain SIZE SMALL (worn) – $11

Asking price: $100

Estimated retail: $150+


Firefly Art Noveau Prints (8) by Megan Lara – estimated retail is $60+

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