New business card time

So, now that I have a real official .com address, and since I’ve had the same business cards for kind of a while, (and most importantly because Vistaprint is having a sale) it is time for New Business Cards! I’m torn between two choices, a newer design that is a bit closer to my facebook cover photo:

akf bc

OR, very similar to my current design:

akf bc 2

I’ve chosen to leave off the line “Cosplay by Maya Dinerstein” which previous cards have had, because it feels clunky, but I do like people knowing my name. Also, these cards make it seem like all I cosplay is Kaylee, which isn’t entirely true. What do you think?

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1 thought on “New business card time

  1. Your card could be 2-sided; one with “ask Kaylee Frye” and another with pics of you as Kaylee & other characters you play.

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